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Miracle Power of Gems

Oasis College

* The first college to offer jewellery design and gemology courses in Malaysia
* Professional lecturer – all lecturers are graduate from Gemological Institute of America
* Most affordable gemology course in the world
* The diploma has international recognition
* Founded by Tan Sri Datuk Ng Teck Fong, who is also the founder of Tomei Consolidated Berhad

Job Opportunity

Jewellery Designer and Gemologist

Malaysia is the second largest of gold jewellery export country in the world, with a value of 20 billion Riggit last year. Student who has jewellery design certificate will have immediate employment because of the lack of this professional.

As customer become more knowledgeable in gem & jewellery, they will seek for sales person with better understanding of product and quality knowledge to serve them. Therefore skilled individual is in great demand.

Both certificate and diploma in jewellery design and gemology courses of Oasis College are recognize by MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency), which means certificates from Oasis College are also recognize internationally.

Students can further their study overseas after graduation.

Job Opportunity for Jewellery Design Course

* Jewellery designer
* Designer for related fields
* Self-employed or part time for jewellery design, demand of this skill individual are great in Hong Kong and other Asian countries
* Sales promoter for jewellery
* Working in gold & jewellery company
* Self-venture

Job Opportunity for Gemology Course

* Professional gemologist (Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other Asian countries are short of this professional)
* Purchaser for gem and jewellery
* Part-timer for gemology work
* Sales promoter for jewellery & gem (will improve customers’ confidence with relevant knowledge)
* Self-venture
* Working in gold, gem & jewellery company
* Gem auction company
* Gem authentication company
* Gem & jewellery distributor
* Working in gem & jewellery factory

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