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Miracle Power of Gems

Gems are mostly used for curative purpose. They are also used for wealth, longetivity, power and for fighting diseases. When gems comes in contact with the body, it injects rays into the body, restoring the balance between deficiency and excess.

So this is how yellow sapphire helps to tackle and cures diarrhea, jaundice, impotency gastritis, ulcer, heart problems, rheumatism, gout, arthritis etc.

Again yellow sapphire help ladies in their early marriage. Also yellow sapphire increases the rate of success in higher studies.  combination of yellow sapphire with other stones gives success in competitive exams. In promotion, trade and business  yellow sapphire plays a great role.

So in order to have better monetary results, name, fame, wealth and good health one should wear yellow sapphire. Also it helps to improve the eye sight and is supposed to protect a person from calamities, misfortunes and enemies. It cures ulcer rheumatism, gastric problems, jaundice, asthma, arthritis, gout and impotency.

Curing of diseases

Yellow sapphire in combination with other stones helps to cure and fight blood cancer, gland cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, gallstones, insanity, hernia, appendicitis, phthisis, pleurisy, hypertension, meningitis, carbuncle, piles, pancreatic trouble.

Professions that are benefited by wearing yellow sapphire

It helps people who are legal experts, professors, spiritualists, soldiers in army, envoys of peace, people in public service and public welfare. This stone helps those who are philosophers, gemologists, architects, scientist, administering schools and colleges, computers and envoys to foreign countries. This gem stone helps those who wants to occupy and had occupied high positions in the government companies. In business this gem stone can help those who had dairy business, textile, finance, cosmetic items, yarn, and  business concerned with artistic products. Those who are cinematographers and are in production of films can also benefit from it. Yellow sapphire helps to people who are writers and make money out of it. It will specially help people who make money with the help of their finer intelligence.

Yellow sapphire and birth Signs (rashis)

  1. Wearing yellow sapphires is particularly beneficial for certain astrological signs. If worn during a major or sub period of Jupiter, Aries can enjoy additional good luck. Cancers can garner such benefits as knowledge, grace and ease of travel. Leos can gain extra guidance. Scorpios can delight in good financial luck. Those of the sign of Sagittarius will find themselves with increased concentration and mental peace. And Pisceans are highly encouraged to don yellow sapphires, as the gemstone will bolster their leadership, spiritual and academic abilities.

Health Effects

  1. Adept at warding off evil spirits, yellow sapphires are said to have a positive effect on the immune system. Specifically, because yellow sapphires transmit a light blue color, they are said to ward off diseases affecting the liver and endocrine system by increasing function of the pancreas and increasing metabolism and the regulation of body fat.

Effects on Career and Goals

  1. If you’re about to embark on a new business venture, put on your yellow sapphire jewelry. The gemstone is said to improve concentration, which can be particularly helpful in achieving academic and professional goals. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the gemstone is also known to attract wealth.

Effects on Fertility

  1. Yellow sapphires are particularly recommended for married women wanting to start a family. In addition to removing barriers to unhappiness and strengthening one’s marriage, wearing the gemstone is reported to improve sexual relations and, perhaps in turn, fertility.

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