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Miracle Power of Gems

My name is Marianne from Seremban and I am a female aged 42 years old however in reality my facial appearance and behavior were very manly with a fierce-looking face expression until Master Ji suggested a Star Ruby which I bought and kept in purse; furthermore I forgot all about it.

Amazingly within 3 weeks,  my friends and family have commented on my appearance that what am I doing to myself that I was changed  into more lady-like (more on a softer look)  even strangers on the road started to wish me “Good Morning” or “Hello” with a smile.

After 3 weeks I went to visit Masterji and even he was unable to recognize me, I was surprised with his statement whereby I always seek for his advice on the phone.

‘“Wow” I cannot even recognize you’ was his statement and he continued by saying “The Ruby has really worked on you” , then it all made sense to me!

The Star Ruby is amazingly fantastic for a person who needs to be loved and financially supported, and it’s like a magnet – wherever you go carrying the Star Ruby you feel like a celebrity.



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