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Miracle Power of Gems

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I am a businessman. My current business was slowing down…..  I was then introduced to gemstones therapy, Masterji  advised me accordingly what to do to boost my business up, to my surprise my business picked up tremendously.

I had some problems with my married life. After following  Masterjis’ advice by purchasing the right gemstone in order to save my marriage, you won’t believe it plus to my surprise I realised that my husband changed his “actions” towards me and the family however the most importantly our marriage have been save.


For 5 years I have been trying to get my money that I loaned to a friend but it’s always been an excuse. Then a friend told me about the gemstones therapy, with the help of Masterji I purchased the gems according to his advise. To my unbelievable surprise, my friend paid me the full amount that was borrowed, within a period of 2 weeks.

I was jobless for the past 2 years. After I was recommended to the gemstones. I got the job within 2 weeks period.

My name is Marianne from Seremban and I am a female aged 42 years old however in reality my facial appearance and behavior were very manly with a fierce-looking face expression until Master Ji suggested a Star Ruby which I bought and kept in purse; furthermore I forgot all about it.

Amazingly within 3 weeks,  my friends and family have commented on my appearance that what am I doing to myself that I was changed  into more lady-like (more on a softer look)  even strangers on the road started to wish me “Good Morning” or “Hello” with a smile.

After 3 weeks I went to visit Masterji and even he was unable to recognize me, I was surprised with his statement whereby I always seek for his advice on the phone.

‘“Wow” I cannot even recognize you’ was his statement and he continued by saying “The Ruby has really worked on you” , then it all made sense to me!

The Star Ruby is amazingly fantastic for a person who needs to be loved and financially supported, and it’s like a magnet – wherever you go carrying the Star Ruby you feel like a celebrity.



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I am Shanti. I was introduced to Master Ji by a friend who benefited from the gemstone therapy. Master Ji introduced the Star Blue Sapphire to my husband and I was recommended to the Star Ruby.

My husband is an Operational Manager for a Security Firm. His job requires him to be on the move almost 14 to 16 hours per day. Just after one week of acquiring the Star Gem, his boss employed another officer under him to monitor the outdoor activities and he is now only in charge in managing his team.

As for me, I had a major problem with my in-laws which has been going on for a few years. After I received the Star Ruby from Master Ji, a quick turnabout occured; the co-operation I receive from my in-laws are better and family ties are stronger now and my business has started to flourish. I have since, recommended many friends and relatives for the gemstone therapy from Master Ji.

My name is Subha. I was introduced to Master Ji by a friend. Before I go into details on how the gemstone therapy has changed my life, I would like to describe my condition first.

In the year 2004, I was admitted in a private hospital. I was told that I had no chance of survival and my AR reading was at 500, the highest point. I was disabled to walk for the first 3 years. I was on a wheelchair and unable to walk without being assisted.

But now, things have changed for me after attaining the Emerald and Ruby from Master Ji. I now move about on my own. I have my life back. I thank the Divine for the miracles in my life. Ever since then, I have recommended many others for the gems from Master Ji and have seen how they have benefitted from the gems.

I feel good when people come forward and tell me that they are glad that I introduced them to the gemstones.