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Miracle Power of Gems

Welcome to Miracle Power of Gems

Let me tell you my story of how I discovered the Miracle of these specific gemstones which I used as part of the healing therapy for my clients.

I am a Numerologist, Psychic Healer and Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturer.And most of my clients who came to me for relationship problems and serious illnesses ended up buying some of these gemstones from me. The first very people who starting flocking to my place for buying these gems were from Klang. I did not know why so many came from Klang until I was told much later that there are many gemstone dealers who have opened up shops in Klang and due to their high overhead and operating costs, their prices are way too high as compared to mine.

The feedback I get from these clients is that the gems they purchase from me bring almost instant turnabout in their luck and fortune.

Stroke patients come to me, referred by other satisfied and healed clients. Nurses highly recommended my services to other patients as well.  I use gems as a healing therapy. From time to time, most patients suffering in silence for years and years not only came back looking normal but in turn they recommended their friends and relatives to me. I often receive compliments as “God sent” and the like. Let me tell you the secret, it is not me or my skills which helped my patients but the usage of these special gemstones did.

The methods employed by me during the consultations have been fine-tuned from my own experience and I can now say with confidence that they will work for anyone regardless of race, religion, color or creed. All you need to do is to follow my system; the only limitation is the one you set in your own mind. Act now and you will bless your stars for helping you.

How I determine the suitable gems for an individual is from his/her present-time physical problems, emotional disposition and level of mental balance. My method is to tackle the present problems first before delving into the Rasis Chart. Many astrologers will work with Rasis first which usually neglects  solving the “right now” issues.

You can visit the other sections of this website for the various testimonials from my clients. These special gems are truly a blessing from mother nature.

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