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Miracle Power of Gems

Hessonite Hessonite Garnet and it's Metaphysical Properties(orange brown) due to manganese and iron inclusions.  This stone is said to impart self-respect, by eliminating feelings of guilt and inferiority. It supports the seeking out of new challenges, opens the intuition and enhances psychic abilities.
Planet : Rahu
Number : 4
Day : Saturday
Gravity : 3.61

Hessonite is a transparent gemstone. It is actually a type of garnet, and is known as a gomedha in Hindi.

Hessonites come in two colors, golden and cinnamon. A perfectly colored hessonite is a bright golden-orange that resembles a combination of honey, orange and blood and it has an internal fire. Some hessonite has tints of red and brown. The darker garnets should usually not be worn.

Hessonites are found in Africa, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar (Burma).

Astrological Effects of Hessonite Garnet (Gomedha)

Rahu rules the hessonite gem. Rahu is an aprakash graha, a lustreless planet, and it gives the results of the lord of the house which it tenants. If Rahu is on the ascendant, wearing hessonite may be recommended. Hessonite may also be good for those born under Aries.

Wearing a good hessonite brings wealth, success, position, prestige, happiness, prosperity, good children, praise, fame, and health. It protects against rivalries and enemies, and thus is good to wear when going into battle. It helps to give good health and appetite, rids the mind of bad thoughts, and gives mental peace. It helps to increase one’s social status, and brings one respect from others. It helps protect against evil spirits and the possibility of being poisoned. Brilliant scientists are associated with hessonite, and the gem also helps those who must deal with employees and servants.

Hessonite and its substitutes transmit the cosmic color, ultra-violet. Ultra-violet is the coldest color ray, and should be used for diseases caused by overheating, such as high fevers, insomnia, extreme acid, indigestion, and over-sexuality. It also works with insanity.

A flawed hessonite should not be worn. It is difficult to find a flawless hessonite. A hessonite is flawed if it has a white or bluish color and lacks luster. Wearing a Gomedha with a red color is bad for health. If the gem has a mixture of mica, it ruins wealth..

The gemstone should weigh at least two carats (three is better), and should be set in gold, silver, or a combination of gold, silver, and iron. It should be worn on the middle finger or smallest finger of either hand. Some authorities say it should be worn on the finger ruled by Rahu. The ring should be put on for the first time on a Saturday, during the waxing moon. Rahu should be in a good sign and in the constellations of Swati, Ardra, or Satabisha.

The mantra for hessonite: Om ram rahave namaha om. Stotra of invocation: “Om ardhakaya maha virya, candra dvitya vimardaman, simhika garbha sambhutam, tam rahum pranamami aham.”

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